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Welcome to the World of Private Money Funding 

Our Funds are all Private Money Partners


There is a huge pot full of cash waiting for small businesses.

The people with this cash are upper middle class investors with fat IRAs and 401Ks. 

Savings accounts, stocks, and mutual funds are paying next to nothing in income these days.
They are getting 1%, 2% or sometimes ZERO if they're lucky on bonds and bank CDs and 
they’d like to make a higher return.  The problem is they don't know how.

These investors, want their money to work for them
so they don’t have to. 

In most cases these wealthy investors are retired and/or  they sold a business 
or put a lot into their retirement plan and their working years are behind them.

They are seeking someone who can put their cash to work at a higher rate than they are getting now.
And they absolutely DEMAND, and this is key, they DEMAND a good investment opportunity.
That is why they are looking towards small businesses.

But there is ONE opportunity that is so huge, and the lonely investors who are lucky enough to stumble 
on this opportunity are thrilled to be investing  their money.

Let me explain.

These investors are looking for small businesses, secured only by the business not the owner,  

and in amounts as low as $5,000....  up   $100,000 up to $4,000,000 

We are introducing a new program that will blow the lid off small business funding.

It involves connecting these desperate investors with business owners like you needing cash

So we usually structure the funding as an equity investment for our funding partners
That means there are no monthly payments.

However we do offer Debt Funding as well.
The Profit is made on the investment it the business and the Exit Strategy

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From:   Company Name – Name of Signatory

I, as authorized signatory, do hereby confirmthat I have requested of you and your organization, specific confidential information 
and documentation on behalf of myself regarding currently available Private Placement Programs to serve only my interest, and education.

I hereby agree that all information received from you is in direct response to my request, and is not in any way considered 
or intended to be a solicitation of any sort, or any type of offering, and is for my general knowledge only.

I hereby represent that I am not an informant, nor am I associated with any government agency of the United States of America, 
or any other country, including the Secret Service, 
National Futures Association (NFA), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 
Central Intelligence Agency, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Banking Commission, or any other agency whose purpose is to gather 
information regarding such offerings. Further, I hereby declare that you, the Program Manager, have disclosed that you are not a licensed securities trader,
 NFA licensed broker, attorney, bank officer, certified public accountant or financial planner.

I hereby agree that any information, work or service conducted by the referring parties, is understood to be that of a private individual/consultant,
 and all decisions that are made must be strictly dependent upon the information received from the trader, not the introducing parties.
 In addition, I agree that there is no liability incurred by the introducing parties, and all decisions should be 
based upon the discussions with the trader about the prospective opportunity.

The facsimile or electronic mail transmission of this document shall be considered a binding and enforceable agreement, and shall be treated as an original copy.  
In addition, the original must be provided upon request  .
All statements herein are made under the penalty of perjury.

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